Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Lost Hero

The Heroes of Olympus:
The Lost Hero
Camp Half- Blood welcomes three new campers, Jason, Piper, and Leo. While in search for the missing Percy Jackson, the camp awaits the seven demigods that are mentioned in the newest Great Prophecy. The new demigods embark on a journey to find Hera and release her from her prison. The only problem: Death is not on their side. First comes the Cyclopes, then Medea, and if that isn't bad enough: King Midas himself. While trying to avoid losing their lives, Jason, Leo, and Piper go through maybe the most difficult challenge yet.
Jason has no memory whatsoever of his life. Sure, he knows his name and everything, but he is surrounded by kids he doesn't know. If that isn't weird and confusing enough, Jason can fly. He doesn't need to be a freak. It seems he has a girlfriend named Piper, but Jason doesn't remember her. And suddenly he is taken to Camp Half Blood by a girl named Annabeth. When he gets to the camp, the camp director Chiron knows who he is but is frustratingly not giving him any hints. Will Jason reclaim his memory?
Piper has had a difficult life. Sure, her dad is a famous movie star, big deal. He never has time for Piper anyway. Except she loves her dad more than anyone, so when she is welcomed to a new home, she feels lonely. Then, as she begins to make friends, she has a shocking dream about the kidnapper of her father. Will she sabotage the quest and betray her friends in exchange for her father alive?
Leo has a hard life that he doesn't want to talk about. He lost his mother in an accident and feels abandoned by his mysterious father. He is good with tools, but what else does he have? He is such an idiot to volunteer for the quest. Why did he do it anyway? He isn't sure. So when the quest depends on him alone, what will happen if he fails?
Don't miss the next chapter of Camp Half-Blood. This fresh, new tale invites the three demigods to go on the most exciting and dangerous adventure of their lives.

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